My journey from Poland to Switzerland

I was barely 19. My time at high school had come to an end. Poland had been an EU member state for a year, and there was much talk of the possibilities for expatriate workers.
My adventure was about to beginů

I used the first semester break at university to take a step nearer to fulfilling my dream by travelling to Switzerland, specifically to the canton of Vaud. To my astonishment I was quick to find an employee, who offered me excellent terms for a temporary job and who helped me deal with the challenges of paperwork.

During my five years spent studying administration and law, I was able to work in Switzerland during semester breaks, which in turn paid for my studies in Poland. Over the years I learnt what makes Swiss people tick and to appreciate the country's cultural distinctiveness.

I am still convinced that Switzerland is one of best countries in Europe for using one's personal abilities and skills to the full and for developing new ones.

After my degree, I made the decision to stay in the land of William Tell - not only because of the professional opportunities but also because of the high standard of living. I am very happy, and have also had the possibility of completing a one-year internship within the federal administration. During this time I met many people who have made a huge contribution with regard to my current work in a different administrative unit.

Grzegorz Jasinski