Recruiting for Graubünden: Developing ideas and using social media to find people. Multimedia Campus, 28 November 2013

The MultiMediaCampus Event , taking place at the HTW Hochschule für Technik und Wissenschaft in Chur,began with the presentation on the current HTW report into "MINT* professions and trained personnel shortages".

This well-organised event featured three regional firms competing against each other in a so-called "SME Slam" around the question "How can up-and-coming talent be connected to the right companies?" Each team had 10 minutes in which to present their ideas, which ranged from interactive presentations triggered by spontaneous Facebook visits to a comprehensive editorial schedule for forging ties between companies and future employees.

The focal point of the panel discussion,for which Annina Campell acted as moderator, was e-recruiting in the Graubünden region - a discussion to which the EURES advisor for the canton of Graubünden made an enthusiastic contribution. The expert participants touched on the problems encountered by small and medium-sized enterprises in the use of social media for recruiting personnel. In addition, the advantages offered to SMEs by the Newsportals RVC ain terms of enhanced opportunities for positioning were expounded. The News Portal is a joint Interreg IV product run by theGraubünden cantonal office for industry, trade and employment (KIGA), the St Gallen Business and Employment Office (AWA), representatives of Vorarlberg and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The portal went online in early 2013.

After the event, a cocktail was offered by HTW - the perfect setting for networking between representatives from EURES, the HTW faculty and students, and business leaders.

* MINT professions = mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology

HTW report on "MINT professions and trained personnel shortages"

DFull results will be published in a few weeks' time and can then be downloaded (in German) by visiting: www.htwchur.ch > Forschung und Dienstleistung > Studien, Berichte und Publikationen