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What makes a good application?
Practical advice on job seeking. With examples of an accompanying letter, a curriculum vitae and a list of references. Information on application by telephone, and personal conduct before and during a job interview.
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What you should know when applying for a job in another EEA country.
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Checklist Job Application
Things to check before applying for a job in Switzerland.
Accompanying letter
The first impression you leave: How should the accompanying letter be structured, what should the content look like, what is the standard wording?
Application documents
The key to success: How should an accompanying letter be phrased, what distinguishes a clear curriculum vitae, what diplomas and employment references are to be added?
Electronic application
What kinds of electronic applications exist, when does an electronic application make sense, what peculiarities are to be borne in mind?
Application by telephone
The decisive first contact: What preparations are necessary, how can the conversation be structured, what notes should I take?
Job interview
Confident and motivated - better job chances thanks to a good appearance: How do I prepare myself, what information should I produce, how could the conversation proceed?